The Breath of Joy

Join me for a morning of Qigong and Breathwork

Sunday 18th September
10am to 1pm
Price £40 each

I am very excited to be sharing this wonderful combination of simple and profound healing practices.

We will begin the morning using Qigong meditations and movements to awaken, activate and open your body and entire energy system. We will be focusing on the lungs and lung channels to create space for more Qi, more breath and more joy.

Then I will guide you through a gentle and yet powerful Breathwork Journey. We will use conscious connected breathing to encourage deep detoxification of your body, releasing stuck energy and beliefs and resetting your whole nervous system. 
Opening your body and mind to new possibilities and leaving you to breathing more freely and naturally.

Its simple…….

Smile, Breathe and follow your heart.  

Price includes nourishing drinks and delicious treats

Only 8 spaces available so book early to avoid disappointment. 

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