One to One Qigong

I offer one to one personal Qigong sessions tailored to your needs; available at £40 per hour. These can be done in-person in the Sunhouse or via Zoom. 

These sessions will help guide you to build a regular daily practice suited to your personal needs. I will teach you simple qigong forms, warm up exercises and meditations, so you can bring the healing benefits of qigong into your daily life. 

Each of us have unique needs and interest when it comes to our Qigong practice. For one person it maybe to help deal with a specific health issue, for another we may be in search of a more spiritual connection or to help remove hidden blocks to progress in our lives.

A one to one session gives time and space to tailor a practice specifically for you.

I can also provide video material if required to help support your practice at home.

Book a free 15min session with me via Zoom to see if these sessions would be of benefit for you.



“To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders”

Tao Te Ching