Lets Breathe Together

Group breath sessions

Group sessions are a beautiful way to come together and experience the power of group healing where we all learn and grow from each others experiences. They offer the opportunity to delve deeper into our own inner worlds with the support and connection of others.

Each session will be different but will generally begin with a guided mediation together, followed by an introduction to the process and how to use conscious connected breathing. We will then do some movement to open, shake and wake up the body and our breathing before we begin the session.

It’s then time to get comfy, relax and breathe. My job is to guide you throughout of the session and provide a container to allow whatever may be needed, there will be music playing throughout. Its Simple Smile, Breathe and follow your Heart

What might I feel during a session? 

Anything is possible, often people feel a high vibration of energy pulsating through their body, sometimes tingling in the hands, sometimes experience of bliss as different chemicals are released in the body. Others feel a deep relaxation they have never felt before, altered stated of consciousness or a deep sense of intuition flowing through, and others feel powerful energies and emotions moving through them. For each person the session is different and what is needed for their own specific energy system. Everything is possible, knowing that it is all perfectly safe. 

Each breathing session is unique so it’s best to come with an open mind and not to have expectation. It is said that even if nothing happens, breathing this way for a length of time is enough to transform your health into more vitality. 

In person group breath sessions are held once a month in the Sunhouse and at the Yurt in the City. These are small group gatherings of 8-10 people and no previous experience necessary. please go to the events page.

Wow what a session, i came with so much sadness in my body. I felt safe and beautifully guided, my heart opened and the tears flowed letting in the joy, letting in the light, i feel changed, years of heaviness lifted, an incredible experience. Thank you again Eve

I really benefitted from the group session and have enjoyed a feeling of unburdened ‘lightness’ all day – I feel great! Present and undistracted are novel feelings for me. I have held onto feelings of anger, disappointment and tension for too long. It’s weird and lovely – hard to describe but I feel something has shifted in me. I will definitely be back.  SK