Facial Reflexology

An unique facial treatment that relaxes the whole of your body and mind and revives the spirit within you.

Connecting to accu-pressure points on the face (using neuro-vascular points and Vietnamese maps) that relaxes deeply the central nervous system, regulates body functions, thinking, behaviour, motor and sensory activities. The results are often spontaneous and positive and deeply soothes your whole energetic system.


Breath in the aromas of a warm compress to refresh your skin and be nourished by the organic oil blend gently massaged into your skin into soft rotations.

I also use roller jades and himalayan salts balls which will help increasing your blood circulation and  improve lymphatic drainage. It also gives the skin a deeper soothing massage and feels exquisite! The glow that you get from it is really visible only after oner session.

This unique facial is a true beauty and health tonic, the best as you fully deserve.


“Love it. best facial reflexology ever…Its like bathing in warm blissfulness” – Ellie

“My regular visits to Laure at the forest hut are like a sanctuary away from the craziness of modern life. I would defiantly recommend the facial reflexology. I have been receiving this treatment over the last year and it never fails to relax and rebalance my system. Its like someone has press the reset button. But what complete the treatment is the before and after care advice i receive from Laure. She takes time to listen to my needs to finely tune the treatment and provides little handy self-help techniques to help me take on the real world again.”  Kellie


Facial Reflexology – 1hour £48

Bundle of 6 treatments  £270

To book spoilme@laure.co.uk

Call 07866 974 563