Dr. Hauschka Facial

Every ingredient that goes in the Dr. Hauschka are organic and biodynamic, using an unique approach to skincare that support your skin to restore radiance and healthy balance.

When you book the 2hour this is what happen:

Relax with a warm foot bath during which time we discuss your needs and adapt the treatment especially for you. Gentle massage, deep cleansing rituals and nourishing treatment masks combined with gentle lymphatic stimulation using soft brushes, restores proper functioning of the skin internally and externally. Your skin will have renewed vibrancy and you will feel profoundly relaxed. A home care programme will help maintain this healthy balance.

Most people return for a regular treatment plan with a frequency to suit them; once a month, seasonal, once or twice yearly or as needed.


At the Sunhouse, you find a warm welcome in this luxury cabin with a wood fire in the winter and bird song all year around.

I have been offering this facial for over 15 years and it remains the best nurturing and organic beauty facial treatment around, I use the skincare on myself and family with great pleasure and success.  You will be amazed at the glow and long lasting nourishment your skin will have, you fully deserve such an experience.

I stock the complete range of Dr.Hauschka skincare.

At the Sunhouse you can find a wonderful selection of gifts, naturally beautiful, luxurious and sustainable.

I have been having treatments from Laure for the last few years, it’s the highlight of my month and I’ve recommended her to all of my friends. The treatments are truly holistic in that you not only feel totally relaxed (mind, body & soul) but you come away with great looking skin too! – Katie


Revitalising Facial Treatment “1hour for myself” £54

Firming Facial Treatment £56

Luxurious Facial Treatment 2 hours 85

Bundle of 6  treatments  £295 (1 hour each)

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Call 07866 974 563