Foot Reflexology

One step closer to radiant health ❤️

Starting with a relaxing foot massage, using softening home made balms, let yourself be guided into a deep grounding relaxation so you can you drift away and find yourself home again in your own self.

Specific zones on your feet are nurtured and energised, encouraging your body to heal, to re-connect to your rhythm, to listen, and to let stress  float away. 

I have practised Reflexology for twenty years, I use a unique combination of techniques during the session aimed to bring health to your body and mind.

Bring the gift of clarity and loving care to your body as you would to a friend, and help it to shine again.


Loving your Hormones with reflexology

Stress and anxiety affect almost all parts of the body and create imbalances that can, over a period of time, become completely overwhelming.

There is evidence to suggest that it affects our hormonal moon cycle at all stages of our womanhood.

There is total abundance of radiance health whether you are in a challenging cycle / or not.

A session might help you ease emotional or physical stress surrounding these times and help you re-tune to the wise rhythm of your womb.

 Come and re-connect to the power of your womanhood.


Her treatment room is a haven for peace and tranquillity, you are immediately calmed by her presence. Laure completely understood my needs and used her expert knowledge to tailor each session to my personal requirements – Lucy


Foot reflexology 1hour £60, includes Energy Medicine techniques.

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