A day retreat with Emma and Gail

Saturday 22nd April 2023

Swansea Wellbeing Centre
Price £55 
(includes tea and cake)

Connect to your full potential and reignite your passion for life


Join us for this fun, full day retreat honouring the earth and the elements of life, through Qigong, Movement, Breath and Sound.

In the morning, we will explore what it is to belong in our bodies, to connect with all the elements of life as they move through us.  Using the powerful yet gentle practice of Qigong to open our energy, creating space for the full expression of our life force. We will then flow into a deep movement practice, dancing with the elements of life, FIRE, WATER, AIR and EARTH.

In the afternoon we will explore the power of our breath. Emma will guide us through a Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey. This is an amazing way to release stuck energy and outdated beliefs. Resetting your whole nervous system leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and more connected to all of life.

Then lie back, let go and be bathed by healing vibrations of the universe, surrendering to the sounds of the gongs, bowls, chimes, strings and voice.

A unique and beautiful day for soul nourishment, deepening into your true self and reigniting your passion for life. 


EMMA Is a Qigong teacher and Breathwork facilitator she has been practicing Qigong for over 18 years, it has been a huge part of her journey of self discovery, gently guiding her in the power of the breath, movement and presence. Her teaching is greatly inspired by the earth energies that surround us, our connection to heaven and earth and all the elements of life.

GAIL is a facilitator of therapeutic movement for health, wellbeing, joy, harmony, motivation and much more. She has been guiding sound journeys, and dance for over 10 years, and has a deep appreciation of the many healing aspects of the vibrations of all of the instruments.


Swanesea Wellbeing Centre 
Is a peaceful, vibrant haven near the centre of Swansea with a bright and uplifting workshop space for us to enjoy. Swansea SA1 5PQ


10-10.30am: Welcome Circle

10.30-11.30am: Qigong

11.45-12.45: Dancing with the elements

12.45-1.45pm: Lunch 

1.45-3.45pm: Guided Breathwork 

4-5pm – Healing Sound Journey

5-5.30pm: Tea Cake and Closing


ONLY £55 for the whole day (includes tea and cake)

No prior experience is necessary, just an openness and enthusiasm to explore, and connect with yourself and others.

We look forward to sharing this nourishing space with one and all

With Love

Emma and Gail

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