Spring Tree-Gong

A morning of Qigong, Meditation and Forest Bathing

Sunday 16th April
10am to 1pm
Price £40 each

We will begin in the Sunhouse with some spring Qigong, opening our bodies, our senses and our energy. Then its time to enter the woods together to connect with the living Earth. As we will walk through the woods, we will take time to pause and play with our tree-gong moving meditations, listening to the forest around us, waking up our the wild within us.

Qi Gong is a form of breath-work, designed to balance our nervous systems. Qi can be translated as the breath and Gong means to work. The foundation of Qi Gong breathing is shun hu xi or “natural respiration” which translates as “free flowing, going with natures current.” In this morning practice we will slow down together, and come in to alignment with our-selves and our-cells, our bodies and our breath. From this place of ease and openness we can step into a deeper connection with the world around us, with the soil beneath our feet, the breeze on our skin, the sounds of bird song. Where we can begin to recognise, to feel, to smell our essential nature of inter-beingness intimately connected to all of life.

We will come back in to the cabin for some nourishing drinks and snacks.

Only 10 spaces available so book early to avoid disappointment. 

What will you do with your one wild and precious life” Mary Oliver

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