Breathe In The New

Join me for a morning of Qigong and Breathwork

Sunday 26th February
10am to 1pm
Price £40 each

This will be a fantastic opportunity to clear out old, stagnant, heavy energy that no longer serves you. Making way for new pathways of radiant health.

Releasing stress, Releasing tension, lets breathe in the new you!

In this morning workshop, well combine the deep healing breathwork, with guided breath awareness mediation and Qigong mindful movements to help you to reconnect with the power of your breath. Giving you the tools to help tackle stress and anxiety in our every day lives.

We will begin by opening the body and waking up our energy with Qigong mindful movement to clear the winter heaviness. We will then get intimate with our breath using a breath awareness meditation.

I will then guide you through a gentle and yet powerful Breathwork Journey. We will use conscious connected breathing to encourage deep detoxification of your body, releasing stuck energy and beliefs and resetting your whole nervous system.  Opening your body and mind to new possibilities and leaving you to breathing more freely and naturally.

If your looking to release stress and create more space for joy, peace and love then these sessions are for you.

Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathwork include: 

  • Release Tension
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Clear Emotional Blocks
  • Heal Trauma
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Sleep

These are small group gatherings of 8-10 people and no previous experience necessary. 

Contact me for more details and to book your place. 

Price includes herbal teas and delicious treats

If you are interested but have more questions please contact me. I would love to hear from you. 

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