Winter Solstice Candlelit Breathwork Journey

As the earth and the sun align on their axis we welcome the winter solstice when the sun appears to stand still on the skyline. The sun is at its lowest point in the sky and we welcome the darkest, longest night. It is for me a sacred moment in the movement of the planets: the earth, the sun and the whole cosmos, a time: 

……to pause 

……to breathe 

……to dream

……to give thanks 

and YES  to celebrate the return of the light.

Tuesday 20th December
Price £25 per person

Includes delicious warm drinks and chocolate treat

Breathe consciously and connect to the light within

Join me around the warm fire for this special gathering on the evening of the winter solstice at the Sunhouse. We will begin with some gentle meditative movements connecting to the elements within our bodies. Connecting to the precious earth beneath our feet, the fluid nature of our flowing watery bodies, the air, the sacred breath we breath and of course the fire, the light, the spark of life within each of us.

Then we will lie down and get cosy and I will guide us in a Candlelit Breathwork Journey. We will use conscious connected breathing to gently release stress and tension from the body and to encourage deep detoxification while resetting your whole nervous system. Breathing in this way gives us the opportunity to deeply connect with our core being, releasing, transforming and healing body, mind and spirit. Reconnecting with the wisdom and light that exists inside each of us, leaving us breathing more freely and naturally.

Its Simple Smile, Breathe and follow your Heart

Coming together to breathe as one is a beautiful experience. 

If you can’t make it in person to the Sunhouse then you can still join online 

Wednesday 21st December
On Zoom

Join me around the fire for this special candlelit breathwork journey 

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