Qigong for the Winter

Sunday February 9th 
£25 each

In this workshop we will be using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Qigong to help look after ourselves during the winter and gently wake up the body ready for spring.

One of the reasons Qigong is so effective is because it mirrors the movements of nature. When we can align ourselves with the seasons and the natural flow of energy around us and within us, we can access greater vitality and health. 

It’s like taking a little mini-vacation from the stress in your life a turning inward, relaxing your “Monkey Mind”  and “tuning in” to the deepest parts of you that never change. 

Time to dive into the stillness, stop, rest and rejuvinate.
In the workshop we will use Qigong exercises and mediations to bring deeper awareness to our body and its miraculous system of energetics so we can learn to really move with the flow of life.

A great way to deepen your practice and have some fun at the same time.

It would be wonderful to see you. 



Space is limited so let me know if you would like to book a place.

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