Dear Sunhouse community

We hope you and your family are all keeping well, and that your past treatments at the sunhouse are helping to re-connect you to the radiant health that is within each of you.

Sunhouse is close till further notice.

The shop remains open with all the skincare you need to keep you going, with deliveries to your door or by post.

Over the next coming months let us know what we can do to support you, reach out if you need any advice (we have plenty of time and expertise).
Call or email us  laure@laure.co.uk / emma@bringingbance.com

Touch is the heart of what we do here, and at this time of social distancing, we are all being asked to reach out not with our hands but with our hearts. 
We are wishing you good health, protection and strength in your hearts and bodies and all that you need on every level to sustain you over this time.

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