The Earth Pause

We at the Sunhouse are so blessed to have just come back from a wonderful week in France on our Joie De Vivre Retreat with a group of amazing beautiful souls. Such a delicious opportunity to rest together and celebrate the joys the summer.

Today we had the Autumn Equinox, the time of the year when the length of the day and night is equal across the whole of the earths surface, its as if the earth takes a rest, settling into a point of stillness and balance.

This time is seen as both a period of “decrease” and a period of “abundance”,   a time for slowing down and gathering in, a time of transition the moment of fullness before the letting go of autumn. It is the time to find our earth, our stable, grounded, centre.


Here are a few suggestions for living in balance with the EARTH element:

Enjoy the abundance of fruits and vegetables.  
Be aware of their sweet flavours and individual qualities, each vegetable different from the next. Look at the seeds, and remember that within each harvest lie the seeds of the next.

Time to nourish others around you.  
In this season when nature gives us her rich harvest, we too can celebrate in giving, being generous, paying attention to the special needs of others.

Become conscious of the harvest of your life.
Think about yourself, your relationships and your work. What parts of your life are bearing fruit? Where is the harvest rich? Where do you find it stunted?

Consider what you need to do to make ready for the letting go of autumn.
Holding your harvest in mind, ask what is overgrown or un-needed. What distracts you from your life path? What might you want to simplify in yourself or in your life

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