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Do you occasionally have anxiety at night, and find you are unable to switch off, there’s so much to take in at the moment. The good news is that you do have the resource to switch off and relax, you were born with it. There are tools to help re-connect you to that natural way of being, soft and at peace.

Did you know our nose can smell up to a trillion smells, more than the ears and eyes can hear or see! An aroma triggers a memory, and the memory triggers an emotion. So for example, the scent of fresh cut lawn takes me back to a Summer night when I was little, in my French garden, it gives me instant comfort.

Sacred traditions and our ancestors have always used ointments, scents and herbal smoke during special occasions or ceremony to help us reconnect to our peaceful and higher state of being.

During lockdown, I had a little time to ponder on this idea, and wanted to create a scent that gave Joy and Comfort, and that could be used as a way to invite in sacredness into everyday life.

I made two room & pillow mists called “Sweet Earth” and “Dream Catcher”, each containing some of my favourite scents that I have used in my aromatherapy treatment room for over 20 years to help with relaxation and sleep.

One is Woody and inspired by my forest walks in the Welsh woods, the other is Floral and has soft fruit notes that remind me of sunshine.

Create a relaxing space at home, in bed, and whenever you need to lower your stress levels. 

 There are many ways to use these mists. Here are a few suggestions:

  • onto your soft pillow, fluffy cushion or cosy pyjamas before sleep
  • before a stressful work Zoom meeting
  • around a relaxing ritual – light up some candles and play your favourite music whist you drift away with the scent…
  • simply spray inside your coat for a soothing walk 🙂 
the scent of organic flowers…

What make these mists extra special?

  • They have a unique scent, NO use of pre-made fragrance, it’s been created in Laure’s home laboratory 🙂
  • Work in harmony and with consent of the Earth. I have used ethically harvested and sustainable essential oils and organic where possible.  The only preservative used comes from a biodynamic organic grain grown by my neighbour, and its standard of harvesting has been approved by Prince Charles himself!
  • Local business collaboration, from illustrator to printer and a UK based essential oil company. Supporting local small business is so rewarding and create a world where the balance of resources are re-distributed fairly.

So all of THAT contributes to you enjoying your mist in the knowledge that you are connecting with the Earth with sacredness and most importantly with love ♥

Spritz . Breathe . Relax . Sleep

inspired by nature …

I have made a limited amount for the festive season. Don’t miss out and pre-order yours Here now!

Avoid the shopping queues and let me wrap them beautifully into a luxurious caring set, so you don’t have to do anything!

I can post them to you, or you are welcome to come to the Sunhouse and purchase yours. Get in touch and email me here if you need to contact me for further details.

Wishing you all good health and peace of mind and all that you need to sustain you over these times. With love Laure

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