An idea

I decided to sit with a lovely matcha latte, and write a blog, when my friend asked me what was the theme, and i said i have no idea! Then i thought ironically that this might be a good idea for a blog (she dared me!).

The blog culture is fascinating and so” in”, and everywhere, it has became a way of sharing daily info and being seen. it can be so creative but also very pointless,  and very frustrating if  writing is just not your thing ..

To have no ideas is very scary at first. My brain struggles with having non…

what is the point of a blog if its not to share a concept, a recipe, an inspiring picture. Heres one, whist i stay with nothingness 🙂 Brecon beauty!


But really the main point of a blog is to connect with you!! So here is a poem that the matcha is whispering into my ears…

Life It lives in the clouds

Ever running and spinning

I try to catch it

Though I don’t know what it is

It constantly shapes shifting

I am frustrated and breathless

Tired of chasing this thing

I go and float away

Free falling into the clouds

Here i deeply rest and dream

May you always  find a safe space where you can deeply rest, nourish, relax and rejuvenate your divine precious body.

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