5 steps for a restorative and joyful January!

1– Embrace the season, say yes to sleep, day-time bath rituals, meditations, massages, feet up and don’t feel bad if you do less exercise, this month is for hibernating!

2- If you have tried botox, face contouring ;), and you still feel in need of a lift then try a facial with Laure, reflex, aroma, dr Hauschka, take your pick, chose to have a vibrant healthy skin this winter, come and learnt some top tips and simple routines you can do at home to get a radiant skin.

3- To ease your body into hibernation, strengthen your circulation and immune system, come and be soothed by a reflexology session. Check the Special price for bundle of 6 session to make the best of the winter season!

4- Move gently, stretch often with the energy medicine daily routine or try a Qigong tai chi class with emma every Monday at the Sunhouse.

5- Do something that brings you connective joy, go for a tea with friends, feed the birds, eat raw chocolate 🙂 Nurture your yin energy with some good soul food medicine for the body and the mind.

Need more info or a delivery of raw chocolates 🙂 Call Laure 07866974563 – spoilme@laure.co.uk

Have a radiant January!

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