Breathe Autumn

2017-11-12 09.58.05Wow what a wonderful workshop sharing Eden Energy Medicine tools and Qigong exercises to help bring awareness to our breath and to help boost our immune systems before the winter. Thank you to all who came along and made it so nourishing for us.

We thought we would share some of the exercises here so those of you who weren’t able to come to the workshop could benefit.

Autumn is the time of letting go, as we move into winter; shorter days and longer nights, we need to follow nature and start to move in and rest more. At this moment the earth is breathing death and decay as nature prepares to rest, this supports our need to fully let go, to shed what we are not and get ready for winter, this can be done effortless and naturally just as the trees shed their leaves.

If we continue to work at the same pace, eat the same foods and live under electric lights we are pushing against nature and our immune system may become compromised.

So we wanted to share techniques to help us come into balance with nature to boost our immune system, and protect us from seasonal coughs and colds.


Lung and Large Intestine meridians

These are the meridians most affected at this time of year and a good way to make sure they are working optimally is to trace and flush the meridians.

Trace the lung meridian, using the fullness of your hands three times. Lung meridian starts from the top of the chest under the clavicle all the way down to the thumb.

Or you can flush the meridian to help clear any blockages or stagnation in the energy flow by first tracing the meridian backwards, then 3 times forward. Breath deeply and remember to soften your body when you are doing any of the exercises. Emma shows you the location of the meridian on the video below.

The fabulous Source points


Massaging lung 9 Massage for about 20 seconds a few times a day as a preventative measure to keep the lung meridian flowing well and to help release any congestion in the lungs and chest bringing relief to a chest infection or cough.

Massage Large Intestine 4 also know as “The Great Eliminator” helps to remove blockages in the Large intestine meridian, helps clear headaches and any facial pain, good for constipation and diarrhea. Not to be used when pregnant unless you are ready to give birth as can stimulate contractions.

Letting go

Heres a little qigong exercise to open the lungs, deepen the breath and help us to let go of the old stagnant Qi and breath in fresh new Qi and inspiration. Enjoy!


Next workshop

We will be back on January 21st 2018 for the deeply nourishing winter workshop.

for any more information email spoilme@laure.co.uk 

2 thoughts on “Breathe Autumn”

  1. Really enjoy the workshops and the weekly Qi gong classes. They are very relaxing and informative. Emma and Laure put you at ease and are so knowledgeable, they both provide so many helpful tips and excercises to help balance the body and mind. I look forward to taking time out for myself in this beautiful place! Highly recommend.

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