How to put sparkles back in your eyes

I have noticed some of you have been suffering with eye problems recently, with dryness, hay fever, computer over use and general tiredness.

In Eden energy medicine, we look at 3 major meridians that crosses the eyes: Liver, Kidney and Stomach. So its worth spending a few minutes everyday waking those up, your eyes will love you for it!

1- Rub your hands together then place your palms over your eyes and hold for a few seconds… breathing in the warmth and magic from your hands.

2- Pinch your eye lid away from your eyes a few times (the pressure is firm, no angel kiss there!). This is great to do when you sit in front of computer for too long..

3- Massage or tap firmly the point on your cheek bone to the sides of your nose, below eye. This is a stomach acupuncture point- and great for stimulating blood flow to the eyes.

4- Place your index finger across your eye lid, then with other hand, tap gently over eyelid.

5- Finally, massage points around your eyes daily which will help improve circulation and help iron out some of those tired wrinkles. Why not using your eye cream whist doing these points, as the herbs and oils will encourage drainage and hydration (go organic if you can).

6- Spend a little time closing your eyes and think grateful, positive thoughts.

7- Draw some figure of 8 above the eyes.


Extra tips:

– Drink a spoon of flaxseed oil daily if you suffer from dry eyes (be cautious if you have liver problem)
– Drink copious amount of filtered water daily.
– Use rose/camomille water (tea bags will do!) onto pads over the eyes and rest up!
– De-seed a cardamon and mix up with 1 teaspoon of honey and drink up the potion

– Never sleep with eye make up and use organic eye removal

Meditation for your bath ritual : to improve night vision, follow a candle light with the eyes, without turning head.

If you unsure of the points, please ask me when you next visit and I can show them to you.


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