Sunhouse Organic Boutique


Theres a chill in the air, and leaves are turning a little orange, we are coming into the beautiful earth season!

In Chinese medicine, there is an element for each season, and after the summer fire, september is all about nourishing the earth element that is in you.

Give time and care to yourself, your body, pause, nourish, re-connect, walk in nature

Heres a few more ideas on how Strengthen the earth in you

  • find the sweetness of life by connecting to your precious body with a massage, scented oils, candles,
  • dance, sing, draw, connect with friends, groups
  • wash some of the worry away and trust the mystery of life instead 🙂
  • walk barefoot in the grass

At the Sunhouse, we love genuine, ethical and homemade products that offer something special your body and spirit. So here is a reminder of what we have for you to lavish yourself this season:

Pukka teas, Dr Hauschka skincare and make up, ethica skincare, Laure’s unique chocolate and rose body oil, local artists cards, moon charts, divine palm oil free soaps, candles and essential oil blends


Call in, it will be gorgeous to see you!





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