Be Wild Chocolate & Rose Shimmer Body oil

Yes Laure’s sun-kissed chocolate oil is back to make this glorious summer last a bit longer!
Inspired by the sunflowers fields from my trip to France, this blend is infused with their vibrant goodness, and the usual favourites, calendula, carrot, jojoba oils and cacao butter magic.
All the ingredients are Organic, UK produced and homemade by me!
I love this blend for many reasons:

  • burst with cacao and sunflower power, the oil is firming, toning and highly hydrating, ideal for summer or winter.
  • I have added a natural shimmer to make your skin glow
  • Each oils brings healing and power to your skin, they are packed with natural vitamins and plenty of natural anti-oxidants.
  • calendula oil makes your skin so soft and can be  soothing in case of skin inflammation, also its a great after sun.
  • I love the glow that Carrot oil gives, it is extremely rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamins A (strengthen your skin against harsh UV rays!).  B, C, D and E and essential fatty acids. It makes it an excellent remedy for sun damaged skin, due to its high content of Beta Carotene.
  • best of all, you will smell like a goddess! With sensual notes of rose, exotic vanilla and patchouli, all melting into a “kiss me am gorgeous” Be Wild scent 🙂

Enough said…How to get yourself a bottle:

Email me spoilme@laure.co.uk 

Call me  07866 974 563 or visit me at the Sunhouse, a 150ml bottle costs £28.50.

And if you wish to have a treatment with the oil or gift it to a friend, then just drop me an email and we can create the experience together 🙂

I have a limited amount of bottles, so don’t miss out and try it out!

xx With love and chocolate xx


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