Winter is back

Literally stopped in our tracks, just when we thought spring was on its way Storm Emma blows in saying not yet, not yet, winter has more to teach us.

Pipes frozen, cars halted, work cancelled……. all we can do is stop and watch the flakes fall.

Winter is the time of  the water element which governs the back of the body especially the spine and the organs of the kidney and bladder. As we move into spring our bodies might need a little extra support to help us gently wake up from our winter hibernation.

Here are some tips of what you can do at home to welcome this transition and put a sparkle into your step.

Fabulous energising points

Kid 27 (the last point on the kidney meridian!)

When you’re tired or feeling out of sink with rest of the world your meridians/Qi starts flowing backwards.
Tapping K27 feels amazing and it will help to:
  • Jump starts energy system
  • Focuses your mind
  • Stops your energy flowing backwards

Tap these points until you feel energy moving up into the eyes, you can do this as many times throughout the day as you like for a little extra energy.

Kidney 1 and Kidney 3


Kidney 1 This is a key point on the Kidney meridian, essential for our grounding and connection to the earth. Massaging or pulsing this point can increase the energy in the system and speed up healing. Your kidneys will love you for it.

Push on this point while holding a deep breath, release the pressure as you release the breath, continue to pulse the point 9 times. or massage for about 20 seconds a few times a day to keep the kidney energy flowing well.

Kidney 3 This is the source point for the Kidney meridian, giving you access to an amazing reservoir of vital energy. Massage for about 20 seconds, go strong or gently depending on what you need.

Caution not to be used when pregnant unless you are ready to give birth as can stimulate contractions.

Rest well this weekend the snow will soon melt away. Spring is just around the corner bringing a natural surge of energy be ready 😉


Let us know how you get on.

Much snowy love Emma and Laure

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