Love Your Back

Emma and Laure invite you to a morning of

Eden Energy Medicine and Qigong

Sunday 4th March
10.30am to 13.30pm

Winter is the time of  the water element which governs the back of the body especially the spine and the organs of the kidney and bladder. As we move into spring our bodies might need a little extra support to help us gently wake up from our winter hibernation.

In this workshop we will be sharing healing techniques and practices to help us connect to ourselves and bring fresh new energy into our spine and our so that it can support us to move forward ready for action in the springtime!

£30 each including nourishing drinks and delicious treats in a beautiful, relaxing and sacred space.

Number are limited so please let us know if your able to come

It would be wonderful to see you!

contact  emma@bringingbalance.co.uk

or Call Emma on 0777 915 1916


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