Back to Our Roots

Qigong For Health: an 8 Week Online Course for Autumn and Winter

When: Tuesday Evenings 6-7.15pm (via Zoom) All classes are recorded so you can catch up in your own time

Dates: October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, November 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

Price: £90 (concessions available please do get in touch)

Suitable for everyone no matter your experience

During this course we will use Qigong exercises, meditations, sounds and breath practices, blended with poetry and mindful movements to help bring us into our healthy balance so we can move though Autumn into the Winter full of peace and vitality.

What is included: 

  • Eight live zoom classes 
  • Access to replays of all classes so you can catch up in your own time. 
  • A 30 min one to one personal coaching call for all new participants
  • Weekly supporting material for home practice including:
    • ✨ 10min video Guided Qigong Practice for every day 
      ✨ Handouts covering basic qigong principals and practices 
      ✨ Key acupuncture points for self massage
    • ✨ Weekly health tips

Qigong means “To Nourish Life” and for me having a regular practice helps to bring me home to myself, into the present moment, where I can re-set, rest and enjoy the precious now!

What will i get out of this course?

  • 🍃 Reconnect with your body
  • 🍃 Relax your mind
  • 🍃 Improve mental clarity
  • 🍃 Improve circulation (no more cold feet)
  • 🍃 Enhanced breathing
  • 🍃 Stronger immune system 
  • 🍃 Healthy hormone balance
  • 🍃 Less physical tension
  • 🍃 Reduced pain
  • 🍃 More energy
  • 🍃 Less stress and anxiety
  • 🍃 Connect to self – Connect to life
  • 🍃 Come into harmony with your inner nature
  • 🍃 Expanded awareness of the mystery of the universe

So much of modern life takes us up into the head, keeping us on the hamster wheel of doing, doing, doing. It’s easy to forget what it is to just to “BE”. We forget what it is to be in the moment, to be in our bodies, to be our breath. We find ourselves overriding our intuition, ignoring signs of ill health or stress, unable to listen to the innate natural wisdom of our amazing bodies.

In this course we will return to the beginning, to the fundamentals of our Qigong practice. We will learn how to access our own natural health and vitality. We will start to build stamina and release deep patterns of tension and stress from our bodies so that we can become clear vessels for fresh healthy Qi to gather, store and flow, leaving us feeling lighter, calmer and more connected to all of life.

Everyone is welcome to join the course no matter your experience. Please get in touch if you have any questions.  0777 9151916

To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders

What have previous students said?
“Thanks so much Emma, I love it all. You are an amazing facilitator and explain it so well. More please!” GS

“I love Emmas Qigong, a beautiful flowing, balance, I always leave the sessions feeling a little bit calmer, a little bit brighter with a smile in my heart.” KT

“the session was amazing for me. Even though I have shoulders and knees and foot discomfort and pain I was able to carry out the movements with ease. It was enjoyable and I love the fact that you were explaining everything in a way that felt so natural. love it all, thanks again Emma.” Tina